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Long Term Care, Long Term Success with Standards
    Streaming Only

    According to recent statistics, approximately 8.1 million Americans are now protected by Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI.ORG) and that number is increasing!

    ACORD's Long Term Care Working Group released several forms to make processing those policies easier and more efficient. Now, in cooperation with other organizations, the focus is on implementation.

    You will learn more about the standards, how they are being implemented today, and how your organization can tap into this market more easily using Standards.

    Learn about:

  • Standardized quick ticket for new business submission process
  • Updates on various subcommittees
  • How ACORD Standards being used
    The Matrix: The Future of the Coverage Connection
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Caleen Alexanderson, Vertafore; Paul Harris, ACORD


      Insurance is fundamentally about coverages and their details. The Matrix makes the connections between the coverages and the data that should accompany it. But are the connections complete? This session is designed for ACEs, aspiring ACEs, developers, and business analysts and architects who work within the Matrix trying to make the connections between AL3, XML, coverage codes, limits, options, and more!

      Discover and learn:

    • Why the Matrix is important, and how to use it
    • Coverage-related tools – explanation, use, and ‘tricks of the trade’
    • Coverage Matrix Examples
    • AL3 vs. XML: moving toward the ultimate, combined Matrix
    • “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself!”– Morpheus

    Framework & Standards: Connecting the Dots
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Cliff Chaney, ACORD; Ed Skoviak, ACORD


      Now that you know the ACORD Standards and the ACORD Framework, this session will enable you to connect the dots between the two. See how elements of the ACORD Framework tie to the ACORD Standards and visa-versa. Learn how the ACORD Framework is influencing future standards development.
    Business Model: Essential Prerequisite
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Neville Scott, Old Mutual Group


      The ACORD Framework is a very powerful and flexible tool. It can allow a huge variety of different and ambiguous business views to all be accommodated and faithfully replicated in a database, or in conjunction with a strongly defined "business model". This presentation will show how you can drive usage in a simple consistent way.

    Transaction Specs: Click Here to Start
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Rick Heil, ACORD


      As times change, so do ACORD's standards documents. We can build them stronger, faster, and more consumable for our members … and we did! Get the basics of these new specs, regardless of program, and find out how to use them.


    • Why the specifications were changed
    • How transaction specs differ from message models and implementation guide
    • Ways you can use them to facilitate your implementations
    The ACORD Framework In Practice at Allianz
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Steve Tuften, Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd.


      Based on the detailed view of The Framework, get an in-depth and practical glance at how Allianz in Australia has implemented the Framework to help drive consistency throughout multiple internal systems. Find out about their use of the information model for a logical enterprise data model and canonical model.

    Transaction Specs: Digging Deeper
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Rick Heil, ACORD


      Once you've learned the basics of ACORD's new transaction specs, it's time to dig deeper into how they work and how you can use them most effectively. You will continue to learn about common reports, how elements are used, and relationships across models. This will get down to the nitty gritty, so roll up your sleeves and get ready!

      This is an interactive session so come ready to ask questions, share your insights, and be a part of the action!

    Evolution of Product Diagramming: A Lesson in Collaboration
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Cliff Chaney, ACORD; Traci Stamper, CinFin; Alyce Neperud, Cincinnati Insurance Companies


      Learn about Product Diagramming and how it has evolved from a collaborative effort that balanced the real-world needs of Cincinnati Insurance with ACORD's need to align to a changing Framework.

      Though based on the donation of a very mature product diagramming technique, ACORD's Product Diagramming is still technically in pre-release. Additionally, recent and proposed changes to the ACORD Information Model means that ACORD has been planning an update to align these two specifications. Taken in total, one might draw the natural conclusion that ACORD's Product Diagramming is just "not ready for prime-time". However, Cincinnati Insurance had an immediate need that simply could not wait for a more production-ready version.

      Hear personal experiences, growing pains, lessons and best practices from successful collaboration. Learn about the future of Product Diagramming, how it could help you, and how you might influence its development.

    ACORD Framework Roadmap
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Cliff Chaney, ACORD; Shane McCullough, ACORD


      Are you wondering what's happening with the ACORD Framework or what has changed over the past year? Do you have questions about what's ahead?

      This session will give you an insider view of the past, current, and future changes and how it will benefit you and your organization. It is more than just an update, this session will give you the knowledge you need to get the most out of the all the models and information.

    Telematics: We Know What You Did Last Road Trip
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): James Bielak, ACORD


      Telematics remains a hot issue across the global insurance industry. One unique factor is how different geographies are focusing on different aspects of telematics. One thing that is common, is the need for data standardization for all of this data as well as data management!

      During this session:

    • Get the latest information on what's happening at ACORD with telematics and standards development
    • Help us identify areas where standards can serve a greater role
    • Discuss different ways to apply standards to support your goals
    Sponsor Session; NxTech - Translation: From ACORD Forms to XML and AL3
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Donna Gilbert, NxTech, Inc.; Thad Bauer, NxTech, Inc.


      This interactive session will spotlight ACORD's eLabel project which provides translation of eLabels from ACORD eForms back to all XML and AL3 Standards. Learn about how NxTech is working with ACORD on this industry initiative to deliver enhanced and easier eForms implementation, simplified maintenance and data consistency.

      Discussion topics include:

    • What is an eForm and what are eLabels
    • Objectives of the ACORD eLabel Translation project
    • Lessons learned in implementing eForms
    • Defining explicit and unique associations (i.e. Xpath) for each eLabel element to the semantic equivalent in the XML and AL3 Standards
    • Commercial Auto New Business mapping example
    E-Signatures: What Does The Fox Say?
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Mary Heimlich, VERTEX Incorporated; Brent Osborne, Lincoln Financial Group; Katherine Dease, Communication Intelligence Corporation; Bryan Holland, Ebix, Inc.


      Industry experts (the fox) will take a rapid fire approach to reviewing and discussing a broad range of hot topics with e-signatures in the Life and Annuity divisions including what is being done in the industry, concerns or barriers surrounding implementation, general legal and compliance, ROI for implementing e-signatures, and updating the standards.

    Industry Standard Process Models
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Ed Skoviak, ACORD; Rick Heil, ACORD


      Get the latest information on one of ACORD's latest deliverables - industry standard process models. You'll also learn more about Business Process Modeling (BMPN) language which is designed for analysts, operational, and technical people.

    Property & Casualty ACE Learning Lab: Claims Download
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Caleen Alexanderson, Vertafore; Kathie Beaulieu, MMG Insurance


      Accomplish two things at one time!!

      1) Learn about Claims Download Implementation. Hear how two of our ACORD Certified Experts, Caleen Alexanderson and Kathie Beaulieu worked together as vendor and carrier, supporting each other and effectively using all of the tools ACORD has to offer.

      2) Given that both were early pioneers in the ACE program and expert question authors, brush up on ACE skills and knowledge through claims download and work together to answer some sample test questions. We may even throw in a real question or two that you will encounter on the test.

    The Road Ahead: L&A XML Major Release
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Walter Berkowicz, Allstate Insurance Company; Yolanda Austin, ACORD


      The future is closer than you think! At least for ACORD's L&A Standard.

      In this session you will:

    • Learn about the current roadmap for XML 3.0 and beyond
    • Listen to what may change and what won't be changing at all
    • Hear about the plans for the future and how these changes may or may not impact your implementations today going forward.
    • You'll also find out what parts of the past are going away to make the Standard more efficient and in line with today's industry needs.

    Implementing and Leveraging XML Attachments (Terms of Attachment)
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Joshua Moore, Applied Systems; Susan LaBarre, Liberty Mutual, Commerical Insurance


      XML attachments are a major area of interest for members and the industry. They can include a variety of types and formats that can enhance almost any agent or broker workflow.

      How do you leverage the flexibility of XML attachments into innovative and efficient workflows that improve agent satisfaction and insured retention, and support paperless initiatives?

      This session will explain the technical aspects and business benefits of implementing XML attachments, including examples of live solutions.

    Implementing ACORD in IBM's WebSphere ESB using Message Broker
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Bill Stallings, CNO Financial Group, Inc.


      CNO Financial is in the process of developing a set of ACORD-based transaction schemas that will represent the message body for our internal and external web services. What makes this topic compelling is our utilization of WebSphere Message Broker to do the ACORD mappings and transformations. With the power of WebSphere Message Broker, we combine its data mapping capability with the capability to code specific conditional logic using programming languages like Java and eSQL within the Integration Hub.

      In addition, Message Broker allows us to create services frameworks so that new ACORD services can leverage reusability with the structure and routing nodes. Using Message Broker as the backbone of a set of enterprise web services we implement with over 50 applications throughout the organization with a volume of approximately 1,000,000 transactions per day.

      Reusability and better throughput is achieved by the following:

    • Slimming the ACORD Schema down to a transactional schema
    • Reusing the common ACORD transformation business logic in to Message Broker Subroutines in a common Library
    • Loading ACORD Meta data needed for transformation in the Message Broker’s cache
    A Guided Tour of the P&C XML Messages, New & Enhanced
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Marcia Berner, ACORD; Paul Harris, ACORD


      Over the past year, ACORD's P&C program has developed many new message sets that provide our members additional opportunities to automate markets and processes which previously have seemed out of reach.

      In this session you will learn about:

    • The Activity Notes Notify (‘push’) message, new in P&C XML V1.25
    • The Claims Download message, including feedback from in-process implementations.
    • IICMVA Messages
    • A primer on the use of Attributes in P&C XML Messages@id, @IdRef,
    • Discussion of the new ‘No Deprecated’ Schema

      This session will highlight each of those transaction opportunities. You will get a guided tour of those changes and new business capabilities now available to you as well as learning about the business cases that brought about these changes. Once you have those facts, you can go out and implement these business processes!

      This session is designed for ACEs, aspiring ACEs, developers, business analysts, architects and anyone with practical interface implementation interests and responsibilities relating to P&C XML messages!

    Testing Harness: What do YOU want to test?
      Streaming Only: PDF Included

      Presenter(s): Shane McCullough, ACORD; Matt Finch, ACORD


      ACORD has had a testing facility in place for a number of years. We are looking at making improvements over the next year. Come find out what plans ACORD have for the testing harness followed by an open discussion.

      This is your opportunity to contribute on what YOU want from a Testing Harness. Is there functionality that would aid in your development, assist you connecting to business partners or simply tell us what issues you currently have and see if we can find a way for the Test Harness to solve them.

    Implementation Skills and Knowledge: Your Chance to Impact the Topics Addressed in the ACE Program
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Gary Parent, Vertex Incorporated; Patricia Henson, Agencyport


      The ACE program begins with a “Functional Specification” that identifies what activities one actually does when implementing ACORD Standards and what knowledge and skills one needs to perform those activities effectively. A small group of ACEs gathered recently in Pearl River to document, from soup to nuts all that it takes to implement. Now, we want to validate it with a larger group of experts. Attend this session to both learn what the implementation skills are and to impact the training materials and test items going forward.

    Joint Forces: Working Together to Meet Industry Priorities
      Streaming Only

      Presenter(s): Carolyn "Cal" Durland, ACORD; Ed Skoviak, ACORD


      No man is an island and organizations don't work alone to achieve specific goals. That's why ACORD and other groups and associations join forces to help improve efficiency and accuracy across the industry.

      Find out how ACORD aligns its efforts with other industry groups and plays either a supporting or leading role in making change happen. You'll also hear from members of those organizations as they explain how our groups worked together for the common good.